Technology and Cyber Security

Technology and Cyber Security

While technology is rapidly evolving with accelerated digital adoption at global levels and in every dimension of life, disruptive hacking activities also grow at the same footings that impact businesses and lead to complex development and innovation. As consultants, DRSULTAN provide clients with trust principles and data security approaches to help companies unveil new opportunities, optimize rapid threat detection, threat mitigation, proactive & strategic solutions and turning risk into advantage. In applying latest technologies to curb cyber threat and risk, our cyber security experts are committed to assess and manage clients’ requirements and protect client data. 


DR SULTAN Consultants advisory services solve businesses complexity of technology and cyber security. The company’s team of experts delivers professional consultancy to clients    zakat, tax and indirect tax challenges and leverage key opportunities to support their growth. Our experts combine their deep experience in zakat, tax and indirect tax regulatory matters with your industry, to help you and your business navigate the complex zakat, tax and indirect tax landscape with confidence, paying no more than you owe and reducing the tax burden to its minimum level.


DRSULTAN help clients understand, address and manage the risks involving their cyber security & privacy which they confront, develop their own strategies and plans, apply cyber security governance and keep effective touch with the target stakeholders. Our professional experts specialized in technology and cyber security give valuable advisory to clients in order to keep up with the latest technology trends and innovative developments to combat cyber-attacks, phishing, ransom ware and hackers which destroy company data, assets, software and information thus resulting in business loss of profit and reputation.    

Data & Analytics

Data is the heart of the evolving technology which is growing rapidly across the world. Businesses are required to manage data by conducting ongoing analytics and creating new & updated solutions to ensure safe and protected data. A company can build confidence on its business and ensure safe and healthy business operations by conductive holistic analytics on regular basis. 


DRSULTAN consulting services are tailored to meet compliance requirements in technology and cybersecurity. Our consultation services provided by the professional and specialized teams focus on providing clients with advisory to comply with the requirements in technology and cyber security in order to ensure safe business environments and avoid penalties.


Computer predators victimize people to obtain gains whenever they get access to PCs and internet, break into computer systems to steal, change or destroy information and data by installing malware. Cyber security risks include theft of valuable and sensitive data, disruption of phone or computer networks or paralyze systems and washing away all data.  DRSULTAN consultants with their deep domain knowledge particularly in technology provide consultation on data encryption, security software, security analytics, cyber scam prevention programs. Of course, Cyber threats are not only technical, but also economical, financial and social all of which have impacts on the country and people.