The more changes evolve dramatically, the more tax regulations get more and more complicated with increased need for solutions and plan development.  DRSULTAN tax professional can provide professional services to tackle such requirements at all levels of tax planning life- cycle, providing consultancy on compliance and tax authorities. Our accounting teams can manage the complexing needs of today’s tax demands, satisfy payment needs at crises times, deliver consultation advice, insights, solutions and prepare firms to prepare for the increasing uncertainties. Our tax teams address all issues & problems involving tax, including the representation of businesses in disputes, managing and preserving business and wealth at complicated regulatory environments and take proactive measures to respond to demanding questions, reduce costs, boost cash flows and enhance company value.

You need to only make sure that our teams understand transparently your issues, then trust that there is nothing worth worry, tax issues are resolved. We also provide consultations on tax provision – related reporting issues, impacts of recently passed tax reforms and tax review before submission to auditors.


DRSULTAN consulting and advisory services address the critical components of customer requirements in connection with tax. Our specially trained, professional and skillful experts with vast experience and practical performance have the capabilities and deep knowledge of their business that qualifies them to deliver advisory & consultations on tax, respond to queries and dispel all customer uncertainties.

DR SULTAN Consultants tax advisory is designed to respond to your requirements including the area of tax relating to foreign investments, financial structuring, merger and acquisition, cross-border transaction, pas-through entities, planning and risk management.

Our consultancy provided to clients is based on trust, confidence, integrity and honesty in addressing tax issues.


DRSULTAN’s professional teams, with their extensive experiences and dealing with customers along decades of years, are the best specialists to rely on for defending, understanding and representing clients before the competent authorities in issues pertaining to tax. To accomplish their roles in disputes, our consultants represent clients before courts at all levels, draft and file memoranda of objections, appeals and protests, bring settlements, final decisions and judgments.


DRSULTAN plans regarding tax are to become more resilient, faster and customer-focused by delivering customer expertise that increases loyalty and reduce cost. Tax planning brings together technology and business to concentrate on compliance, consistency and strategic goals of the company. Our tax planning focuses on developing proactive strategies to clients in order to avoid risk shocks, address current and future issues professionally and meeting demanding customer requirements by preparing professional leaders who can tackle complexities for smoothly running of clients’ businesses. Tax planning is important for individuals who confront challenges of owning, managing and reserving business and wealth in such complex regulatory environments.

 Over all and to make better world, our planning intended to serve people, clients and communities is based on our insights, services and solutions to our core business of Tax, Indirect Tax, Zakat, AML, Compliance, Accounting and Internal Audit. One of the core businesses of the company is to avoid risks and shift from currently traditionally patterns to the newest, most innovative and creative methodologies.


Just as tax account functions are processed through ordinary transactions, DRSULTAN produces insights and drives actions that impact client’s operations and profitability. Our professionals need to understand your tax goals and then we implement the shared vision we create for providing accounting and advisory services. Our accounting solutions are centered on improving efficiency and effectiveness so you can determine the key drivers of your business and ultimately draw your own reporting systems to present your key performance indicators on tax. DRSULTAN helps clients to stay ahead with the evolving technologies and helping customer to get numbers right of calculation, researching technical issues and viewing transactions, conducting accounting entries and adjustments that may have consequences. By exchanging a meaningful dialogue and conversation, we can identify where customers need to align with our spectrum of solutions.


One of DRSULTAN’s goals is to address Tax challenges, bring leading insights and innovative capabilities to help clients avoid risks and plan data-driven, technical enabled solutions to protect business and motivate growth. Of course, global risk and regulatory transformation risk as well as intercontinental different & changing tax rules have their impact on tax management and trigger risk if not controlled, prioritized & reported properly using innovative technologies, data analysis and getting experts’ advice which ultimately improve company efficiency, quality and timeline of decisions on risk. Our objective is to identify the tax Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and proceed with study, choose which structure meets customer needs for protection from risk and then provide the right consultancy.     

Data & Analytics

DRSULTAN uses data and analytics to manage risk, control cost and drive business decision and applies detailed reviews of data requirements, processes and technologies which support digital tax authority requests everywhere. Further, our company tests and revises the submitted data to provide the client with visibility on the tax authorities decision about the submitted data. Our company develops tax’s data management and analytical capabilities to meet customer requirements and shifts its operations from traditional activities to digital methods in line with the changing technologies processes and keeping up with the latest legislative & regulatory transformations which have impacts on tax data collection and submission.  


DRSULTAN consulting services are designed to meet our clients’ tax compliance requirements, dedicating its specialized and experts to provide tax compliance services who ensure delivering both domestical and global obligations.  

It is understood that coping with the rapid pace of changes with tax laws, rules and regulations is a challenge that entails risk and disruption of company business if not precisely & accurately tackled.  DRSULTAN helps clients to span such challenge from filing to tax planning by virtue of its deep knowledge, far sighted, vast expertise and well trained, experienced and skillful professionals.

DR SULTAN Consultants offers a complete set of compliance including:
Obtaining General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) Registration


•  Obtaining General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) Registration

•  Zakat and Corporate Income Tax Return-Preparation and filing

•  Withholding tax form- Preparation and filing

•  Accelerated tax payment computation

•  Participation at field tax inspections

•  Responding to GAZT queries and analysis



•  Processing overpayments refund

•   Bank guarantees filing

•   Obtaining clearance certificates