Private Service

Private Service

Within the context of Private Services, DRSULTAN provides local community support in both areas of heritage aimed at strengthening community bonds and linking past with present and in family business consulting aimed at leverage family business standards.

Heritage case

Heritage case is intended for maintaining local community’s heritage, culture, customs, norms and traditions. Such contributions by our company are represented by sharing citizens their festivals, social activities, entertainments as well as keeping people connected to their roots, glorifying past, living present and looking forward to future.

Family Business Consulting

Family business services at DRSULTAN consultation aim at supporting families for increasing business growth and implementing valuable projects. As consultants, we help families grow and expand their financial projects, enterprises, develop strategies and plans for growth and generation transition and shareholder liquidity. We help families to create a family constitution to ensure growth the sustainability and continuation of family ownership while boosting family strengths. This will help prevent any conflicts and dispute that may arise between family members which will be essentially addressed.