Corporate governance

DRSULTAN provides solutions and harness its resources, expertise, knowledge and skills to support clients on decision making, prosperity and growth. The company provides creative & practical services that respond to your needs and enable you to adapt yourself to advanced work environments. This foster customer efforts to achieve business potentials. These services include:

Corporate governance

Experts and professionals at DRSULTAN help clients to create systems which direct and control their businesses, map and design their organizations’ structure, roles and responsibilities for the purpose of seizing opportunities. These systems comprising the rules, regulations and practices make balance of interest of shareholders, executives, customers, suppliers, financers, government and community. We assist companies in selecting the talent they need and implement the most appropriate management of strategies and solutions that best suit their industries. 

IPO and capital markets

DRSULTAN with its strong record and experienced team provides advisory on IPOs and helps companies prepare quality reporting under high pressure situations and tight deadlines. The company supports clients in planning which is the key to IPO success and to providing assurances to stakeholders before going public. Our approach tackles the challenges and complications which arise during IPO.

DRSULTAN helps financial institutions deliver their capital markets regulations, business change projects and asses capital market process by virtue of compliance, regulatory, experience, innovative data solutions and professional experts which it combines. Company capabilities include project and program management, risk and financial analytics, digital transformation and legal documentation.

Financial accounting

DRSULTAN consulting teams helps companies remained focused on financial accounting services by providing strong, fair and sustainable accounting system solutions, complying with innovate regulations and updated accounting methodologies.  Our area of accounting includes financial statement audits, employee benefits plans, income tax, zakat, international tax and advisory tax. The company applies state of the art technology to transform and grow at scale and meet customer future needs.

Cost and Performance Management

DRSULTAN experts help companies control their compliance and reduce risk while auditing contract needs and review the progress with their programs as well as maintain project plans on budgets. Our cost and performance management includes Zakat, Tax, AML, Accounting, Compliance and Internal Audit. DRSULTAN delivers advisory to companies to manage performance by applying the proper Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as well as other performance measuring tools.

Corporate Finance

The corporate finance services delivered by DRSULTAN support clients to control their risks and revenues which ultimately help improved decision making in financing, capital markets, future financial performance and choosing the right projects to finance. Our professional teams extend the development of proper strategies, scenarios, setting priorities and budgeting to companies in order to achieve their target objectives.


Investment is a matter of making money work, grow in value and compound overtime to increase value & equity and generate future incomes, returns and build wealth. Whether your company is focusing investment on bonds, mutual funds or any private or public projects, the highly qualified & professional team at DRSULTAN helps you achieve your objectives by delivering elaborated strategies, plans, solutions and relevant choices. 

Internal Audit

As the purpose of internal audit is to deliver independent assurance that the company risk management, governance and internal control process are operating effectively. DRSULTAN’s professional, experienced and skillful teams are providing consultancy to clients in the areas of adopting new approaches of recruiting and training internal audit personnel to cope with such definition. With the emerging new technologies, internal audit responsibilities should stay ahead of disruption, risks, financial challenges and maintain trust in the company. Our company provides consultations to companies in areas of automation and advanced data analysis to ensure accurate functioning, adequate performance, quality control and keeping up with the innovative technologies and new development along the course of fair financial management.


DRSULTAN’s internal audit consulting services aim at delivering high quality audits to ensure safe and secure company business by providing coaching, guidance and consultations to client through the competent teams. Our internal audit consulting covers corporate solutions, applications, AML, compliance, tax, accounting, cyber security, technology, future plans, risks, business continuity and all operational aspects of the company.


Companies seek to streamline their operations and processes and leverage their technology to ensure efficient change management. DRSULTAN consultations in operations include reducing cost, responding to latest accounting needs, integrating best practices, transformation of operational processes and improving financial processes and risk management.

Data & Analytics

DRSULTAN applies Data & Analytics to help companies develop capital allocation processes plans and investment decisions, conduct digital audit, find out new opportunities, manage risk, measure performance, improve customer satisfaction and experience. Our consulting specialists deliver solutions on data analytics in areas of Zakat, Tax, AML, Compliance, Internal Audit and Accounting.  


Creating a strong risk response system efficiently help identify high risks, protect sensitive data and prepare for achieving company’s future goals. DRSULTAN consulting experts deliver their know how and extensive experiences to companies for applying risk assessments, developing proactive strategies & effective plans, drawing up risk-related forecasts to address challenges and reducing vulnerability to risk, all of which contribute to preventing company loss and ensure profit.  


DRSULTAN provides help to company to enable them shift from compliance to performance as well as offering strategies, plans and solutions to comply with the prevailing laws and regulations. To do this, our specialized team provide consultations that aim at combating financial crimes, identifying and reporting suspicious transactions, keeping up with the latest compliance innovative transformations and changing trends across various industries. 


DRSULTAN consultants specialized in insurance blend both industry experience and technical knowledge to tackle the mounting insurance challenges comprising evolving consumer aspirations, disruptive technologies, higher costs and hectic market competition. As advisors, we help establish and maintain the relationship between the insurer and the insured, optimize insurance accounting, improve customer experience, increase awareness with innovative technology, leverage production, write insurance reports, prepare regulatory reports in commonly practiced formats, language and templates, build new models, manage insurance systems, avoid related insurance risks, set up updated strategies, analyze life and non-life insurance, overview insurance industry and global insurance innovations, assess insurance liabilities and develop personal accounting skills of the manpower engaged in insurance to ensure healthy growth of the company.   


The data and analytics services at DRSULTAN help companies to manage data and breakdown data information to identify opportunities and risks. With the rapidly evolving world, our professionals provide solutions and strategies to ensure data protection and safe access. By applying data control and analytic methodology which our consulting team delivers, customers can drive performance, manage and manage risk.

Data & Analytics

The Business Consulting provided by DRSULTAN has been an outcome of years of industry experience and provided by the company’s professionals. The aim is to enable clients develop and appraise risk management strategies and increase technology investment which ultimately lead to sufficient compliance controls and mitigate exposure to financial risks.


DRSULTAN’s consulting strategy over compliance is to stay ahead in the rapidly changing world while keeping clients regularly updated on the latest laws, regulations and legislations. Our function focuses on business value, understanding customer needs, leading practices and risk analysis. The team of experts & professionals with extensive experiences deliver the vital compliance consultancy, proper strategy and elaborated solutions to clients in order to go ahead with their business and growth and avoid business interruption and penalties.  

Risk Management

Within the context of our financial risk management services as consultants, DRSULTAN is engaged in delivering solutions, analysis & related studies and forecasts aimed at managing current and emerging risks. Our experiences cover management of risks with assets, capital markets wealth, cyber risk, recovery from risk aftermath, enhancing core capabilities and business in general terms as well as working to turn risks into opportunities. A team of high-level professionals with diversified consultancy skillsets in all areas of financial risk management is available at DRSULTAN to address customer concerns over financial risk management, explore solutions, provide problem-solving perspectives and maintain clients away from any risky situations.   


DRSULTAN’s risk management consulting helps companies navigate promising business environments and provides highly efficient risk control systems to manage risk. Our team of consultants harness their experiences and know how in risk management consulting in the areas of Tax, Zakat, AML, Internal Audit and Accounting.


Companies mitigate their risks and design successful compliance programs by understanding their risks. DRSULTAN consulting team delivers guiding principles and expectations for risk assessment. Our team delivers sound, effective and comprehensive advisory risk management assessment in Zakat, Tax, AML, Compliance, Internal Audit and Accounting.


DRSULTAN’s extensive analytical expertise and know how in risk management solutions enables it to enhance and improve clients’ processes, performance and revenues. Our professionals provide solutions to risk management which include complying with the updated laws, rules and regulations, drafting precise solution strategies and conducting effective analytics, as companies will be impacted financially and reputationally by lack of risk management.