Marketing and Sales

DRSULTAN Consulting provides help to organizations to develop their marketing and sales in order to grow better their businesses by drawing insights from their clients, markets business and internal sectors. Working together with the companies, our marketing and sales team introduces any changes or practices that properly fit the company. Our constancy also encompasses new products management, competition analysis, maintaining customer loyalty and pricing strategies. 


DRSULTAN consulting team helps companies grow sustainable business organization, increase efficiency, remain flexible, keep abreast to changes & innovations and continue successfully to implement tried and test processes. We support companies to balance all considerations which ultimately ensures that companies’ businesses attract and retain great talent and manage the organizational change properly. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

DRSULTAN Consultants provides helps to companies to do business of Merger and Acquisitions (M&A) and create value by taking the merger and acquisition as part of the company’s growth, strategy and planning. Our advice also includes expanding M&A objectives, building capabilities of M&A staffs, mitigating company risks, bringing the highest revenue by preparing assets for sale and running low risk programs.  


In business analytics, DRSULTAN consulting & experienced team helps firms to generate higher returns of investment in business intelligence by delivering financial, data, market analysis as well as forecasting and predictive analytical reports so they can take informed business decision. Our business analytics focuses on Zakat, Tax, AML, Compliance, Internal Audit and Accounting. 

Performance Improvement

With the rapid grow of businesses, markets and business industries models, companies strive for relevant, competing efficient and continuous performance improvements on an equal footing with the new economies, even though this step entails costs and may be difficulties if such firms undergo challenges. Being consultants, DRSULTAN seeks to understand and identify points where improvements are essential by applying specifically right calibers, methodologies, approaches and analysis which would build capabilities and leverage the industry with cost effective budgeting.   


Over a quarter of century, DRSULTAN has been delivering strategic consultations to firms and senior officers and helping customers take strategic decision for scoring extraordinary outcomes. Our mutual cooperation with clients aims at engineering solutions that meet their requirements and satisfy their dreams. Our company helps companies adopt strategies focusing on strategic choices that match their goals & objectives, elaborated plans, beating competition.


DRSUTLAN’s business strategy of procurement is based on providing data solutions and analytics along the cycle of procurement. Our experts and practitioners work with clients to identify and realize savings across every category of procurement, build capabilities via partnership and training, offer sourcing and delivery services leading to sustainable outcomes.