Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a method of subcontracting various business-related operations and services to third parties to carry out certain parts of operations whether onshore or offshore. DRSULTAN subcontract its operations such as payment processing, IT services, human resources, regulatory compliance and quality assurance to outside or inside professionals to ensure smooth business running. Nowadays, the outsourcing business has a great impact on Gulf states and Middle East due to the fast-growing technological development. The company has already accumulated considerable experience in the outsourcing business where professional hired third parties pay the pivotal role in carrying out the Company’s vision and mission.

To that extent, DRSULTAN is devoting its resources to help customers improve performance speed and quality, reduce capacity gaps, access to the intellectual capital, reach new markets and acceleration innovation. The business process outsourcing by the Company involves hiring only those experienced businesses that properly manage functions, streamline thoughts and facilities, respond promptly to Company requirement and fulfil the market’s demanding needs. Growing demands for educations & health sectors necessitate the spot response to services, particularly those essential to human development and life. 

Finance and Accounting

DRSULTAN consulting services encompass solving business complexities of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and finding out key opportunities to support customer growth. Our experts combine their deep experience in AML regulatory matters with your industry, to help you and your business navigate the complex AML landscape with confidence, paying no more than you owe and reducing the tax burden to its minimum level. Customers need adaptable & innovative technologies to enhance their understanding of the risks and solutions in order to improve efficiency, regulatory coverage and financial stability. Our AML consultation services include designing & implementation of AML risks, sanctions assessment, reviews, investigation, training and testing.


DRSULTAN provides AML solutions to clients by helping clients apply connected and adaptable technology which boosts customer understanding and related risk and management. Our experts specialized in AML solution consultations deliver advices on investigation, suspicious activity monitoring, sanctions screening, cryptocurrency insights and currency transactions and related reporting.


Over quarter of century, DRSULTAN has been delivering certified and professional translation & interpretation services to renowned companies and institutions domestically, regionally and globally. The service is provided by senior, experienced and skillful translators & interpreters with extensive knowledge in technology, technical applications and translation arts covering various vital languages. We provide consultancy to clients on subcontracting translation and interpretation services to professionals who meet customers’ current and future requirements.