To professionally address AMAL issues, DRSULTAN Co’s focus is on combating money laundering by state-of-the-art technologies, practical solutions, consistent planning, keeping up with the latest laws & regulations and data analysis to avoid unforeseen risks. With the current revolution of technologies, financial crimes require boosting the understanding of customer and risk by placing the entity at the heart of AML risk management processes. 

We help clients stay ahead of financial crime by adopting adaptable, connected and contextual, technological innovation techniques that strengthen our understanding of customers and their risk by putting the entity at the heart of all AML risk management processes. Our entity’s centric AML solutions do not only optimize efficacy and accuracy but also provide full regulatory compliance coverage. Our activities of AML include suspicious acts monitoring, sanctions screening, suspicious transaction activity reporting as well as currency transaction reporting.


DRSULTAN consulting services encompass solving business complexities of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and finding out key opportunities to support customer growth. Our experts combine their deep experience in AML regulatory matters with your industry, to help you and your business navigate the complex AML landscape with confidence, paying no more than you owe and reducing the tax burden to its minimum level. Customers need adaptable & innovative technologies to enhance their understanding of the risks and solutions in order to improve efficiency, regulatory coverage and financial stability. Our AML consultation services include designing & implementation of AML risks, sanctions assessment, reviews, investigation, training and testing.


DRSULTAN provides AML solutions to clients by helping clients apply connected and adaptable technology which boosts customer understanding and related risk and management. Our experts specialized in AML solution consultations deliver advices on investigation, suspicious activity monitoring, sanctions screening, cryptocurrency insights and currency transactions and related reporting.

Data & Analytics

Our strategy in data and analytic assessment is to understand how your company performs and what are the critical obstacles it faces. By doing so, DRSULTAN Co can understand your actual issue and specifically identify the strengths, threats, challenges as well as the opportunities of improvement in your data model. Our role is to conduct thorough analysis of such data, assess your practices and help your company in strategy planning, data warehousing, data governance reporting analytics, forecasting and predictive analytics. Our consultancy to clients includes applying advanced techniques, models and statistical methods to explore data sources, identify corporate value and business improvement.


Risks of money laundering on corporate failure to manage money laundering includes damage to corporate reputation, profit loss, legal regulatory sanctions and adverse impact on the bottom line. DRSULTAN carries out reviews of companies’ Anti-Money Laundering programs in order to check compliance with the currently prevailing rules & regulations, thus avoiding the consequential risks. Our company conducts assessment to limit client vulnerability to inadvertently participation in criminal activities, ensuring that criminal cannot use the company to process illegal transactions. In addition, our company helps customer to cope with the latest innovations in money laundering combating measures and necessary steps to be taken for safeguarding the company from anti-money laundering risk and fraud.  


DR SULTAN Consultants services are designed to help clients comply with the current laws, rules and regulation pertinent to Anti-Money Laundering, terror fight and fraud, taking into account that failure to comply will subject clients to sanctions and financial penalties in addition to the impact on the company reputation. Having proper knowledge and using proper technological tools, our experienced, dedicated and well-trained consultant are available at the right time and place to help the company in AML compliance which will ultimately lead to improving efficiency, drive sales and cost effective. Generally, there will be benefits beyond compliance.