Technology and Telecommunications (TMT)

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT)

With potentially disruptive changes and risks, headwinds striking technology, media, entertainment and telecommunication sectors, actions are required to leverage strategic thinking around industry trends, improve business processes, increase growth throughout new competencies and develop business models. However, the greatest concern is focused on Cybersecurity, privacy & compliance for technology, media & telecom industry and how to address current & future demands and IT audit issues.

In line with such transformations, companies are required to remain steadfast and keep pace with the new data privacy and data security rules as well as with the changing legal and regulatory compliance requirements that escalate the increasing implications for organization data management and technology related issues.

DRSULTAN solutions to address TMT concerns include cybersecurity issues, customer experience designing, conducting digital transformation, providing strategy consultancy, assessing technology risks as part of internal audit assessment process. this is in addition to developing comprehensive privacy programs and leveraging a broad, data-driven transformative risk management framework. Its experience covers company hardware, software, components ecommerce/digital and investment in technology space






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