Hospitality, Leisure, and Traveld

Hospitality, Leisure, and Travel

The dramatic growth in travel and tourism trends along with the digital revolution and customers’ increasing requirements has sparked the dynamic hospitality sector and prompted change. Accordingly, stakeholders, investors and professional leaders have to reconsider the traditional services and industry and proceed ahead to the latest technologies for transforming front-and back-operations and lift client experience, improve costs and collect sufficient information to provide insights leading to success. Hospitality industry needs to adapt to meet challenges by adjusting amenities, outsourcing and increase dependance on technology.

Our industry involving hospitality, leisure and travel continues to focus on customer satisfaction and meeting leisurely needs. As customers’ attention draws on innovatively adaptable business and leisure traveler, our industry clients span firms that provide accommodations (hotels, resorts and hospitality), travel and tourism (cruises, casinos, online gaming, entertainment parks, ski resorts), leisure (sport teams, fitness centers, event planning, venues, golf clubs) and the like.

DRSULTAN Co’s hospitality, leisure and travel consulting teams help target companies, hotels, restaurants, hospitality organizations and stakeholders make operations cost efficient while rendering their services to customers and communities at large, rethink business strategies and operating models, expand innovation capabilities, analyze client requirements as well as align, enhance and automate operations and supply chain and build agility. Our Capital Projects Consulting teams provide advisory to clients to reduce risk, increase efficiency and lower cost. Further, our company helps clients to respond to the evolving customer requirements through digital transformation, technology and process innovations, advanced analysis, social stewardship and boost guest experiences and customer loyalty.

What We Do?

Our Mission

To aspire to be the most respectable center in the field of consultation around the Kingdom and abroad.

Our Vission

To be the leaders among those who provide excellent consultation services for both public and private sectors.

Why Choose Us

As a leading provider of consulting services for Zakat and Tax, Financial Advisory, AML, Internal Audit, Business Advisory and BPO in the KSA, we design our services as such to meet our clients’ obligations and their consultative requirements.

DR SULTAN turn complex world into a simple one for clients, with experts on the ground to make sure that all rules and regulations are adhered to and operational compliance is well maintained. All our efforts from the beginning till end of the services are well organized, planned and adopted to international standards & working methodology that conforms to the entire range of services offered by us.