Whether you’re facing DZIT field audit or zakat and tax assessment, DRSULTAN Consultants professional team with its extensive experience is the best specialist to rely upon to defend, understand the business and intricacies of zakat and taxation system resolve the disputes, controversies, and other procedural matters. 


DZIT Field Audit

We assist on the process of the field auditing from the start, including limiting document requests, using regulatory methods to narrow the scope of audits, and mediating to resolve audits complications quickly and efficiently. 


Objection and Appeal

We assist the client before Department of Zakat and Income Tax (DZIT), Preliminary Appeal Committee (PAC), Higher Appeal Committee (HAC), Administrative Preliminary and Appeal Courts at the Board of Grievance (BOG). DRSULTAN Consultants performs on this regard the following services:

  • Drafting and filing of memoranda of objections, appeals, and protests
  • Representation of client at committees and courts of all levels
  • Obtaining final decisions and judgments 


Dispute Settlement

Often disputes can be resolved without the intervention of committees and courts and it is one of the ways to resolve a dispute on zakat and tax matters. Nevertheless, experience shows that the most favorable settlements are reached when the tax authorities know that a taxpayer is willing to litigate if necessary.